Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's on your Valentine's Day menu?

At this time of year I get to the point when eating out becomes a bore. It's not the restaurants; it's the process of going out. It's freaking freezing out there, and the mud-salt-sand-slush combo is annoying. Then you wait in line to be seated while newcomers provide you with a never-ending blast of frigid air when they open the door. A good part of the enjoyment is gone when just getting there makes you uncomfortable!

So staying in it is. I'm really looking forward to it though. I bought a fondue maker and I'm ready to go. I've been planning my menu for weeks. Here it is:

Field greens with heart-shaped herbed crouton and blood orange dressing
Cannelini garlic dip
Mushroom ravioli with marinara sauce
Eggplant braciole with pear tomato sauce (my own invention)
Chocolate-coffee liquor fondue with fruit

Am I a good wife or what? ;) (I guess we'll have to see on that one. Hopefully my husband won't miss the meat!)

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