Monday, February 21, 2011

Restaurant Review: Bonefish Grill

Ok, I know you're thinking, "Yeah, but that's a seafood restaurant. It's supposed to be focused on meat." Sure, but it's a good business decision to offer a few vegetarian options, and here's why.

On my recent visit, there were no meat-free main course offerings. None.

The only choices I could find were side dishes, and few at that: mashed potatoes or steamed green beans. There was also an appetizer of steamed edamame (soybeans). All pretty bland stuff to have as a main course--why bother eating out if you're going to eat that?

What I did is ask for an entree consisting of the edamame and a side of french fries (no side of fries was offered on the menu). The edamame are good of course but kind of bland to eat for a main course. I asked for a side of a dipping sauce which was quite tasty--a blend of Asian flavors and a spicy sauce usually served with calamari. Unfortunately afterward I found out the sauce contains oyster juice.

Here is a perfect example of a restaurant that could easily offer a vegetarian entree without breaking a sweat--just combine dishes that are already on the menu and discreetly label it "vegetarian" so we aren't forced to choose between eating something we don't want to or having to make an issue of it with the server.

Help us out a bit, restaurants--tell us on the menu what sauces don't contain hidden meat. That way we don't have to ask 1000 questions in front of our friends.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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