Why beans?

Beans are the solution to two of America's greatest social problems--the economy and obesity.  Don't believe me?  Read on.

Fatten Your Wallet

I wanted to discuss the health benefits first, but let's face it--they seem to be taking a back seat to worries over household budgets nowadays.  Nevertheless, most of us are still concerned about getting and staying trim and healthy.  And you know what?  Obesity is a financial issue too.

Obesity costs America an estimated $92 billion in preventable health care costs.  About half of these costs are paid by taxpayers, while the other half is paid by insurance premiums--premiums that are rising for you and me because of these avoidable costs.

Even if you're not overweight or obese, using beans to replace some or all of the meat in your meals will save you money.

MSN Money wrote this informative article, "Go vegetarian to save money".   It explains the basics us beanitarians already know--beans can save you serious dough.

Keep Your Waistline Slim

Using beans is a time-tested way to healthify meals.

One of the coolest thing about beans is they fill you up so you don't feel as though you've just eaten diet food.

So....I propose a new movement in America:  Beanitarianism.

Beanitarianism Manifesto

We will replace some of the meats and processed proteins in our diet with good old-fashioned beans.

We will dig out the old time bean recipes our great-grandparents used to fill their plates on a dime.

We will make over meat-heavy dishes, reinventing them to leave our waistlines smaller and our wallets heavier.

We will experiment with ethnic dishes from across the globe--healthy, hearty peasant dishes quickly being lost in a new Big Mac culture.

We will create new dishes too--fusion dishes, new spice combinations, and generally "thinking outside the box". 

Here's a soymilk toast to beanitarianism!