Monday, July 18, 2011

Restaurant Review: Riley's

We had a nice meal here recently.

Let me start by saying that much of what I've seen of Alexandria Bay consists of gimmicky tourist trap sort of seasonal places. It's kitschy in a semi-endearing sort of way. I haven't seen most of it so maybe there are more nicer places.

Riley's was one of the nicer spots. There was a view of the water in the distance, lots of windows, pleasant, roomy, clean surroundings. The service was fast and friendly. There were two vegetarian options.

I had the following (quoting from the menu):

A rainbow of grilled peppers, sweet onion slices, portabella mushroom and zucchini mixed with goat cheese loaded onto flatbread accented with a French onion dressing, folded and grilled; served with sweet potato fries. $9.75

It was so hot when it arrived that I had to wait for it to cool down. Between the cheese and the dressing, it was too messy to eat with my hands, so I ate it with a knife and fork. Ingredients were fresh and tasty. The fries were actually wedges of very lightly battered sweet potatoes which were done to perfection--tender inside and crispy outside.

Mr. Bean had a meat-based sandwich which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Verdict: Highly recommended.

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