Monday, July 18, 2011

Restaurant reviews: Denny's

Slumming it yesterday! We were really hungry so we took a chance at Denny's. I should have stuck with toast and fried eggs, but I thought--wrongly--the Bacon Avocado Burrito Wrap with Hash Browns might be good.

Wrong. Wrongity wrong wrong wrong.

I ordered it without the bacon of course, no problem there. It was billed as a burrito with avocado and chipotle sauce with scrambled eggs and cheese. There were maybe 2 tiny cubes of avocado with some tasteless salsa [similar to what you'd get out of a store brand jarred salsa], and an excessive amount of flavorless cheese (which I removed because there was too much of it and it was cold).

The's really hard to mess up scrambled eggs. You actually have to try hard to ruin scrambled eggs, and they succeeded. It was as if someone poured eggs into a tube, microwaved them way too long, and put the cylinder-shaped result into a burrito. They were tough. I removed most of the egg as well, leaving me with crappy salsa and a burrito.

The burrito itself looked nicely grilled. I chose the hash browns as my side. I admit I know all about these hash browns; I worked at Denny's 80 or so years ago. They came in a carton of powder. The cooks would add water and stir it with a giant whisk to make them shaped like grated potatoes. They are actually not the worst thing in the world and I just felt like it would be funny to have a walk down Bad Memory Lane. They were exactly as I expected. I recommend the grits.

I don't know about the credibility of the author, but this guy claims this breakfast (with the bacon) exceeds 1000 calories and provides nearly 60 grams of fat.

Verdict: Stick with 1 egg and dark rye toast. It will be tastier and healthier.

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