Monday, June 13, 2011

Is there anything yams can't do?

Today I've got two beanalicious dishes to share with ya!

First, I was making a pasta salad to bring to a picnic over the weekend. I usually use ceci, boiled egg, mayo and chopped veg, but I was a little bored with that. I remembered this awesome salad dressing called Noche Buena and made that, but just added a lot more mayo to get it to the right consistency. It's a lime-sweet chile flavor. Then I added cooked pasta, frozen corn kernels, black beans, chopped cherry tomatoes, and a chopped sweet pepper I had leftover from grilling a few days earlier. Unbelievable flavor. I've been eating it right out of the serving bowl.

Then I saw Vegetarian Times' recipe for a black bean-sweet potato burrito. I'm a huge fan of sweet potatoes, but I've always been hesitant to try it in burritos. It just seems wrong somehow. But that recipe struck me for some reason. I couldn't find any sweet potatoes so I bought a huge yam.

I was too lazy to look up the recipe so I winged it. Cooked onion with black beans and a little cider vinegar, mashed with salsa. Microwaved yam with a little margarine. (That alone made me skeptical. How could that possibly not be tasteless?) A whole wheat burrito slathered with chile lime mayo, filled and heated.

The two dishes together....ooooh...MY. I can't believe how good it was.

Seriously, it was a little like eating dessert. I guess you'd have to be in the mood for something on the sweet side for dinner, which for me is always. ;) But soooooooo good. Pics later!

ETA: Here is a picture.

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