Saturday, April 23, 2011


Right now I'm drinking a delicious, healthy smoothie in anticipation of tomorrow's debauchery! It's got half a scoop of vanilla protein powder, plain soymilk, frozen strawberries, and a few steamed/cooled baby carrots. Really good! {But not as good as all the candy I'm going to be eating tomorrow!}

I've been wondering if I could start sneaking some veggies into my breakfast smoothies without making them taste weird. A few slices of avocado go unnoticed, and it turns out, so do a few baby carrots. I was concerned about using raw carrots due to their texture, so I nuked them for 30 seconds and let them cool down while I went about my morning routine. They pureed nicely and I can't tell they're there, except it's a tad sweeter than usual--not a bad thing. A little extra fiber and vitamins. mmmmmm.......

Happy Easter!

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