Saturday, December 10, 2011

Product Review: So Delicious Brand Coconut Nog

I am an afficionado of eggnog. I have been ever since I was a young child. I have no idea why; I've always hated drinking milk.

My refusal to drink milk as a kid is the stuff of legends whereby my stubbornness would beat out my parents'. I was raised in the days when it was "good parenting" to tell your kids they could not get up from the table until they finished dinner. This taught me how to be stubborn--stubbornness was a game, I thought--and I became Nobel Laureate of Stubbornness. I slept at the table.

Another common parenting wisdom was to keep serving kids their uneaten dinner for every subsequent meal until the lesson was learned. "They'll eat when they're hungry enough." Uh, no. I refused to eat and hunger did not bother me. As Nobel Laureate of Stubbornness, I was quite willing to become faint just to win the game.

I don't even like the sound of the word milk. When pronounced, it reminds me of exactly why I don't like it. Mi-lll-kkkk, like the slimy feeling in my mouth and throat as it goes down. Yuck.

As you know I drink smoothies quite often, but even then I need a thick, milkshake-like texture. No milk-like drinks for me.

I guess eggnog is more like an milkshake to me. I got a LOT of positive feedback for drinking eggnog! My parents and grandparents were totally thrilled when I drank it, albeit perplexed.

I can't wait for the first eggnog to be available at Byrne Dairy each year. I drink it alone. I drink it with a little spiced rum. I sweeten my espresso with it. If it wouldn't make me literally sick, I'd probably drink it even more often.

Regular eggnog has a lot of sugar and calories, though, and I don't do well with a lot of dairy. I heard about nondairy nog a few years ago and thought it blasphemous. I finally tried it just now.

Wow. So delicious is right! It's awesome and I do not feel as though I'm depriving myself of anything. It's got half the calories of my traditional nog and less sugar. It does have more fat.

Unlike the brand's coffee creamer, this product does have a coconut flavor, which I find pleasing.

Verdict: There's noggin better.


  1. Hi Audrey! Thank you for your delicious review. We're delighted that you are enjoying our new holiday coconut nog. Wishing you and yours a happy and delicious holiday season!