Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pinto bean burgers and green bean salad

Had the most delicious lunch and I had to share! As many vegetarians, I've been on an endless quest for a homemade veggie burger that doesn't fall apart when you cook it.  This time I tried vital wheat gluten, and it worked great.  I was conservative about the amount because I was worried it would taste too doughy.  It didn't taste that way at all and the burgers were a little too tender.  Next time I'll add more.

These are made from pintos, onion, spices, and vital wheat gluten, then covered in cornmeal and fried.

"Hamburger" shaped rolls were sold out at the store so I had to improvise on the shape of my burgers to fit the "hoagie" rolls.

On the side I have some garlic ginger green beans from the Dinosaur Barbeque Cookbook that I swear taste as good as candy or potato chips. :)

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